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With a coordinated training plan and a controlled nutrition process, I have so far achieved a very high guarantee of success with my students. We achieve what we set ourselves as a goal together in advance: Sustainable weight loss, better well-being and a healthy lifestyle are the focus here.

N. K. - Izmir

"Fehim is the best trainer I've ever had. He's a really professional trainer who knows exactly what he's doing. He is excellent at motivating! What makes him different from other trainers is that you lose weight quickly and enjoy the process. What's more, he improves your life quality, changing your lifestyle into a much healthier one. I lost 23 kilograms in less than a year under his supervision!"

A. K. - Dortmund

"...Ich habe in 5 Monaten 9 Kilo abgenommen und Fehim hat mich darauf hingewiesen, dass ich eine Insulinresistenz haben könnte. Tatsächlich hat mir das der Arzt nach zahlreichen Untersuchungen auch bestätigt. Somit hat mich Fehim vor einer Diabetes ll gerettet. Also es geht bei ihm nicht nur um die Gewichtsabnahme sondern auch um das allgemeine Wohlbefinden und die Gesundheit. Ich bin einfach super froh und dankbar für alles."

Lily V. - Florida

 "In the nearly five months that I have worked with Fehim, I have come to know him as honest and caring when it comes to not only my mental but physical health as well. Fehim has proven multiple times that he is a trustworthy teacher because he makes sure all of his students know that each and every one of them is important..." 

H. B. - California

"Working with Fehim has revolutionized my daily routine! With a tailored exercise plan designed to fit me, I'm now able to stay active and healthy despite the demands of my job. He isn't just an incredible trainer - his easy-going personality makes it so much more enjoyable, allowing both body and spirit to thrive."

My Philosophy

"Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it."

Personal Training

Personal training stands for individuality and health; It is essential to transform you into your feel-good figure. The focus is on a training plan that is individually tailored to you and a controlled nutrition concept.

My Story

As a professional Trainer with licences, I have specialised in post-pregnancy women as a personal trainer and have been able to help many women to reach their targeted weight in a healthy way. 


You can achieve this in just 4 weeks:

  • More muscle and less fat
  • If desired and necessary, an accelerated but sustainable weight loss.
  • An athletic and healthy appearance
  • You will become more stress resistant and increase your performance
  • Higher self-confidence
  • You learn more about your own body 

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