Can I lose weight by sweating? 

Does sweating make you lose weight?

Sweating is an action performed by the body to reduce the escalating body temperature to normal levels. Sweating doesn't make you lose weight. Eighty-four per cent of fats are removed from the body by exhaling.
It is pointless to get dressed in layers to sweat much more during training.
To lose weight, a calorie deficit must be created in the body.
There is no scientific equivalent that sweatpants are claimed to lose weight by sweating.
Sweating may indicate that you're training intensely, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're training well.

As a result: It is pointless to wear extra thick clothes to sweat. On the contrary, this can even reduce your training performance.
Sentences such as  "I sweat so I train well." or "I didn't sweat at all, so the training is very poor." do not make sense.
Your sweating level during training may vary with the clothes you wear, the ambient temperature, how your sweat glands work or your training intensity.

NOTE: Sports science is a constantly evolving field. As of January the 2nd, 2023, as a result of current research and my personal experience, here are my views.
As new experiments are conducted and new research results are published, the opposite of what is written here can be claimed.