Which diet should I follow to lose weight?

Before moving on to the content of the article, I should note that I am not a nutritionist.
I will mention my thoughts based on my own experiences and ideas here.

Whether it is an exercise plan or a diet program; whatever you are following, the most important thing to achieve the result is that the path you are following is INDIVIDUAL (individual-specific). For instance, if you wake up at 11.00 in the morning, you should set your breakfast time accordingly.
You should not follow a nutrition program that requires you to have breakfast at 08.15 every morning. Because this will not be sustainable. You will probably push yourself for 2 weeks and you quit after a while. Or if you do not like eating eggs at all, you should not push yourself for a program that requires you to eat eggs in the mornings. You should meet the protein need in that meal from alternative foods. At this point, it is very significant to express yourself to your nutritionist correctly. Because if your diet program is not sustainable and stable, it is near to impossible to achieve the desired success.

The diet you will make should be appropriate for your health status, daily routines and habits, age, gender, weight and even psychology. So avoid rote programs. Get support from a professional nutritionist who does his job well.

Another important issue is;
Writing a nutrition program is not the coach's occupation. Stay away from all kinds of coaches who write a program for you, or even try to sell it for money.

Although the content is different, the main goal of every diet for weight loss is to create a calorie deficit. As long as you create this calorie deficit, you will already lose weight. The important thing while doing this is to follow the program that suits you and that you enjoy.

Finally, again, in my own opinion, what I want to say is this: instead of temporary diet programs, creating a permanent healthy eating pattern is much more important. Of course, there will be days as well when you consume unhealthy foods that we call a loophole. The important thing is to be able to achieve balance. Saying "I have already gone off the diet. So let me go on" is a dangerous thought. There are times when we all do this, including me. There are also times when we call emotional hunger, and then we will regret what we have eaten and drunk. The important thing is to stay balanced. To place our unique diet and exercise regimen in our lives and make it a part of our life.

NOTE: Sports science is a constantly developing field. As a result of current research and personal experience, my views are in this direction as of March 6th, 2023.
As new experiments are conducted and new research results are published, it can be argued that the opposite of what is written here.